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Pre-made templates or design on demand

We offer both pre-made templates, design on-demand services, or convert your existing websites to run on the edge networks (serverless)

Pre-made templates

  • Fully functional template
  • Well-documented & free 1st deployment
  • Bug fixes & improvements for lifetime
Starting from$15


  • Consulting to follow best practices
  • Bug fixes & improvements for lifetime
  • 12 tokens to spend within 12 months
Starting from$499

Maintenance services

To offer the best, we have flexible maintenance services for you when working with us.


$90/12 months

12 tokens to spend within 12 months

  • Highly-focused support
  • 30 minutes per token
  • Valid for 12 months
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Most Popular

$180/24 months

48 tokens to spend within 24 months

  • Highly-focused support
  • 30 minutes per token
  • Valid for 24 months
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Best Value


Unlimited tokens for a lifetime (*)

  • Highly-focused support
  • 30 minutes per token
  • Valid for lifetime
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Please note that you could always buy one single token (ad-hoc token) at $15 here.

(*) Request as many requests as you wish but must be reasonable. We try to fulfill gradually depending on our time budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer all your questions to make you confident and satisfied when using our products and services

Do you have any default support service for the pre-made templates?

Yes, sure. You are supported to bug fix, improvements for a lifetime, and 1-time deployment for free. Make sure to read our documentation for they have everything for your to get it up and running.

Do you support modifying and updating content for the pre-made templates?

Yes, sure! We have add-on services which are called maintenance services. You can buy a package or buy a single token. Then, you can ask for support by spending tokens.

What are tokens? Why and how can I use them?

A token is considered as "the cost of a support request". Every time you want us to do something, you would need to spend at least a token. A token is approximately equal to 30-minutes of highly-focused working. This would help to ensure the quality and commitment of our activities.

All activities and records are managed via our customer portal. Let you login and send a support ticket.

I bought 2 pre-made templates, can I buy only a maintenance package?

Yes, sure. It all depends on your needs. But please note that a maintenance package is only used for 1 single product. Because when purchasing a maintenance package, it would be marked and connected to a specific product.

But for adhoc tickets, you can spend on any products.

Do you have a refund policy?

We have a 30-day refund policy for any products and services which are not working as described. All applied to pre-made templates and maintenance services but not for on-demand products.

Please note that our products are live entities. This means we are constantly improving our products by bug fixes and improvements.

If you find any bug or any unexpected behavior, please let us help you first for we're confident that we can help you to have a great website with speed and simplicity at the best

Any additional expenses to run my website?

Yes, there are. We only provide the source code and support services for our source code. To get your website up and running, you need to deploy the source code to serverless platforms such as Cloudflare, Vercel, Netlify, or FlyIo. We don't have any connection with these services.

But for serverless websites (as we're providing), normally you don't have to pay anything if your website doesn't have a lot of visits. Please check the pricing page of those services. All serverless providers all have free package

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